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The Lambourne Legac​y

About Victoria
History has always held a fascination for me.  From an early age, I recall asking my grandparents and great-grandparents about their pasts, what it was like in other countries, and found myself enthralled with the old customs they adhered to.

As I grew older, I became a genealogist for my family and traveled abroad to see where my roots started.  Pouring over old pictures and documents was like a treasure hunt, keeping my attention down to the finest detail.  How events came to pass based on the actions of a few excited me to uncover, and what I found always opened paths to new information.

I also became involved in reenactment groups and found that immersing myself in living history was both intriguing and intrinsic to my love of telling stories of the past.  Details are fleshed out for my readers because I know how things feel, how they smell, and how they taste.  As if I'd been there, through some amazing portal, and have come back to share what I've learned.

My love of world travel also helps round out my stories in ways I can’t imagine.  I’ve had in-depth conversations with conservators, on site, about ramparts at an abandoned Irish castle and have felt the stone beneath my fingertips.  I’ve walked down the streets of Mayfair, imagining my characters strolling there beside me, and I’ve sat in King Henry’s kitchen at Hampton Court joyfully smelling the meat cooking on the hearth.  With each separate occasion, I learn more about history.  Being hands-on has made me see beyond what any book could tell me, and all of those moments to come will only help me to write stories that will intrigue and entice you.

I look forward to traveling with all of you very soon!

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